Milwaukee Mayor Proposes Budget To Eliminate 120 Law Enforcement Positions

by Zach Heilman on September 23, 2020
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has proposed the Milwaukee police department budget to the city council on Tuesday which would eliminate 120 positions from the department.
Milwaukee has been hit hard financially between the coronavirus pandemic and the numerous protest throughout the city. Barrett knew the budget for 2021 would be a challenge.
While he is proposing eliminating 120 positions from the police department the budget will be cut by less than $1 million. 
"I have presented many budgets to the council and we have worked on them together, but this is by far the most sobering one because it's really the year when our budget challenges have reached a pretty dramatic crescendo," - Mayor Tom Barrett 
The proposed budget would take the Milwaukee police force from 1,804 sworn officers to 1,682.
"This change is mandated by our current budget reality. And as the cost of public safety climbs more and more, we simply don't have the money to cover these increased expenses."- Mayor Tom Barrett
The proposed budget would go into effect in the fourth quarter of 2021.
The budget cuts come as cities across the country move to defund their police departments despite increases in violence. 
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You are such an idiot. Increased Violence fewer Police. Oh yea, Very intelligent!