Michigan Barber Facing Jail Time for Opening Early, Vows To Continue

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 07, 2020

A barber in Michigan opened his doors on Monday so that he could provide for himself and his family and was slammed with citations for defying Governor Whitmer’s draconian stay at home order

Karl Manke opened his barber shop up on Monday and despite the citations he was issued he stated he would remain open until he was either arrested, tasered or Jesus walked in.

“I don’t need the governor to be my mother. I have one. God bless her, she’s gone now. I don’t need another mother. I can make these adult decisions myself.”
“Heavens yes, I’m staying open unless they take me out in handcuffs or Taser me. I’ll be open until Jesus walks in or until they arrest me.”
– Karl Manke

Since Manke reopened his business he has done over 100 haircuts and gets well over a hundred calls daily of people looking to schedule an appointment.He has been working 15 hour days. Manke also wears a face mask while he works and ensures he follows proper sanitizing guidelines

Manke has received support from people all over Michigan and a crowd even gathered outside his shop on Wednesday waving flags and honking horns

Manke has been cutting hair for over 60 years at his barbershop in Owosso where police issued two citations. He needs to appear in court on June 6 where he faces a potential 90 day misdemeanor and/or a $500 fine for trying to provide for his family

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