Message in a Bottle... Make that a Can... Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

by America's Keepers on November 08, 2019

The truth is out there

If this story was coming out of Texas, I would not really be all that surprised, but the fact that this is breaking from Fresno, California, well, we at America's Keepers are a little shocked. It is practically a message in a bottle, but in this case, it is a message printed on the bottom of a beer can from Tactical Ops Brewery in Clovis, CA.

In a limited edition release, Fresno-based Tactical OPS Brewing is hijacking the popular meme questioning the billionaire pedophile’s mysterious death behind bars by printing "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" on the bottom of a single run of cans, available for purchase when the store opens today.

The veteran-run brewery’s manager, Carlos Tovar, told KMPH he wanted to capitalize on the hype calling for an investigation into the suicide because it’s “a big thing right now.”

On Facebook, Tactical Ops joked Tovar had “sooooo got us all suicided,” referencing the suspicion that high-profile individuals who Epstein could have exposed had him murdered.

“Lie and say nice things at our funerals,” they added.

On Twitter, they jokingly posted "It's all Tovar's fault when we get suicided because of the new Basher cans. In the meantime, the brewery is open and the taps are flowing."

But, if anything happens, well, we all know it wont be as suspicious as it seems.

The message is only appearing on a currently-available batch of Basher Oatmeal Stout cans, which is about 54 cases, according to Fox26.

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