Mayor Pete… South Bend Indiana Residents Warn Americans Against Pete Buttigieg

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 20, 2020

Residents of South Bend Indiana are warning voters of Democratic Presidential Candidate, Pete Buttigieg that he cannot be trusted to run a city let alone a country.

Pete Buttigieg served two terms as mayor in South Bend Indiana. During his time as mayor there was a huge spike in violent crimes while he did little to almost nothing to help the African American Community.

During his two terms the number of homicides reached an all time high and violent crimes went from 622 to more than 1000. Meanwhile the only street that stayed well lit was the one leading to Notre Dame.


Residents are speaking out to warn the country against Buttigieg

“If he’s the next president, I fear for our country. He couldn’t run our city. How can he run the United States?” 

“Look at all the crime — he didn’t do anything about it. Look at our quality of life. If he becomes president, the United States will become one big South Bend — a giant sinkhole. We’ll be in a new depression.”

“The West Side is the most neglected part of town. The street I live on is the only street around here that has lights. That’s because we’re a gateway to Notre Dame.”

– South Bend Indiana Residents

Pete Buttigieg comes off as cool, calm and collected with a boyish demeanor. Don’t let that fool you though. He’s reportedly very difficult to work with and while he makes claims to help the American people he tends to ignore those who are most in need.

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