Louisiana Pastor Violates House Arrest To Hold Church Service

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 26, 2020

A Louisiana pastor who was placed on house arrest for continuing to hold Church Services, defied the order and continued to hold services this weekend

Despite being on house arrest, Pastor Tony Spell, held church service on Sunday at Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge. The service was live streamed and the Pastor was seen walking among 100 congregants most of whom were not wearing masks and were not practicing social distancing guidelines.

Pastor Spell was put on house arrest at 9 am Saturday morning after he refused to tell a judge whether or not he planned to continue holding Church services.

“Tomorrow at 12 o’clock, my voice will be silenced for several months. You will not hear from me again. I promise you, I will continue to do what I do. This is not about me. This is about our religious liberties.”
– Pastor Spell

Pastor Spell has been accused of nearly running over a protester that was outside of his church. According to reports he backed up a church bus to within a few feet of the protester.

“That man has been in front of my church driveway for three weeks now. He shoots people obscene finger gestures and shouts vulgarities. I was pulling in from my bus route, picking up black children who haven’t eaten because of this sinister policy that has closed schools. I was going to approach this gentleman and ask him to leave.”
– Pastor Spell

The pastor went before Judge Fred Crifasi on Friday and when the judge asked the pastor if he would continue to hold services despite the state’s stay at home order he didn’t respond. The judge took his lack of response to insinuate that he would continue to hold services

Pastor was released from Parish Prison on Friday on a $5000 bond. He was order to “refrain from any and all criminal conduct, including but not limited to strictly abiding by the all emergency orders issued by the Governor of the State of Louisiana,” 

A warrant had been issued for his arrest just the day before for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper backing of a vehicle. The Pastor turned himself in.

Upon his release from Parish Prison dozens of members of his congregation came to show their support outside of the facility.

Under the state’s stay at home order, church services are to be held virtually. While most churches have adhered to the order, Pastor Spell feels strongly that the order violates his congregants’ First Amendment Rights


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