Local Gun Store Offers McCloskeys A Free AR-15 After Police Confiscate Theirs

by America's Keepers on July 11, 2020

A gun shop owner in St Louis is providing a free AR15 to the McCloskeys after St. Louis police confiscated their weapon while executing a search warrant.

On Friday St Louis police showed up to the McCloskey’s home with a search warrant. The couple earlier in the month executed their second amendment right by protecting their home from a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters who had trespassed onto their property. The couple asked the group of protesters to leave as they held their legally owned guns in their hands.

During the execution of the search warrant police seized the McCloskeys’ AR15 which was legally owned by the couple.

The owner of Alien Armory Tactical put up a Facebook post stating that he would provide the McCloskeys with a new AR15 so that they could continue to protect their home.

“(IF ANYONE KNOWS THE ST.LOUIS COUPLE PLEASE PASS THIS POST ALONG TO THEM ) Let me say this to all the St.Louis city cops. You should of protested serving this warrant! This couple did what they needed to do to protect private property as the property was being ambushed. I’ve seen videos and some of these so called protesters were carrying firearms and they clearly broke the gate to make way on to the private property ( A THREAT ) To the couple that had this warrant served, please come on by our shop and we will gladly rearm you with a brand new ar15 for ( FREE ) thats right if you see this post contact our page and we will gladly assist you with a replacement for you to protect your private property for FREE! Also we will assist you with some FREE firearms training so if anything were to happen you will be better prepared, we will take you with your brand new ar15 and show you how to be better prepared! Thank you from your friendly neighborhood watch
– Facebook post from Alien Armory Tactical

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