Liberal Fundraiser Only Donates $200K Out Of $35 Million

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 16, 2020

The Minnesota Freedom Fund which claims they are raising money to bail out protesters arrested as a result of the George Floyd Riots has only utilized $200,000 of the $35 million that has been raised for bail.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has received criticism after they posted a Tweet indicating that they have used very little of the money raised to bail out protesters who have been arrested.

“Without jeopardizing the safety of the folks we bailed out we paid well over $200k in the weeks since the uprising alone. We are working on doing more.”
– Tweet from Minnesota Freedom Fund

After the MFF posted the tweet many became critical of the organization questioning what the rest of the money has been used for. Hashtags such as “35 MILLION” and “Only 200K”have started trending on twitter in post criticizing the organization.

Under the FAQ section on the Minnesota Freedom Fund’s website they claim that since the George Floyd Riots have started they have raised more than $30 Million.

The website also claims the funds will go to paying bail for individuals who have been arrested during the George Floyd protests.

“We know that many people have donated to us to support those protesting George Floyd’s murder and generations of police violence. We will prioritize posting bail for those arrested demanding justice for George Floyd.”
– MFF Website

People are questioning the organization and wondering why more people have not been bailed out with the money that has been raised.

“This white run organization allegedly collected $35 million, and only used $200k to actually bail out protesters. Those of us in the real Black grassroots have been getting folks out of jail on our own. This is why we have to stop the coopt.”
– Tariq Nasheed

The organization claims they are trying to scale their operation to be more efficient, but with $30 Million in their pocket it makes you wonder what is taking so long.

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