LAPD Officers Worked Overtime During Riots But Won’t Be Paid For It

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 15, 2020

As Los Angeles police officers worked long hours during the George Floyd Riots, rarely getting a day off or putting in 36 hour shifts the department let them know how much they appreciate their efforts by sending an email that they would not be paying overtime.

As protest in Los Angeles turned from peaceful to violent the LAPD worked diligently to try to maintain order on the streets. A tactical alert was issued on May 27 and since that time numerous officers have worked more than 100 hours in tactical overtime. All vacations have been cancelled as well.

Apparently the department has no problems asking their officers to put in the extra hours, they just don’t want to pay them for it. An email went out to all department personnel on June 12 informing the officers that overtime would not be paid, but the extra hours worked would go towards comp time. They were kind enough to remove the cap on how many comp hours can be accrued.

Officers with the LAPD are not happy about not being paid for their hard efforts and rightfully so. The officers and their families have been under enormous amounts of stress and they should be financially compensated for their work.

The email comes just day after Mayor Garcetti announced he would be decreasing the budget for the LAPD and that the planned 7% budget increase would not be happening.

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