Illinois Valley Firefighter Shot And Killed In Oregon

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 23, 2020

In Cave Junction Oregon a firefighter with the Illinois Valley fire district was shot and killed on Thursday morning by Deymon Edwards.

On Thursday morning just before 10:30 am Oregon State Police, Illinois Valley Fire Department and Josephine County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call reporting a gunshot wound near Cave Highway.

When police arrived on the scene they confirmed that Devin Tandy a volunteer firefighter was dead.

“The unknown is still under investigation with OSP and the sheriff’s department as far as what exactly happened in that situation. At this point, all we know is he was possibly responding to an early morning fire within the district and the unknown circumstances of what happened when he stepped out of his residence are still under investigation,” 
– Fire Chief John Holmes

Oregon State Police are unsure if the shooting took place at Tandy’s home or someone else’s. OSP is also unsure where the body was found, whether it was inside or outside of the residence.

After Edwards shot Tandy he fled the scene, but Del Norte County Sheriff’s office along with California Highway Patrol were able to locate him.

“They were able to get an “attempt to locate” out on the vehicle that they noticed was gone, belonging to the victim. California Highway Patrol and Del Norte County was able to find that and stopped the vehicle and take the suspect into custody,”
– OSP Captain Tim Fox

Currently police are unsure of the relationship between Edwards and Tandy.

“That is something we will be investigating to determine if this was random or if there was some connection, who knows with these things. That’s one of the things detectives really do well at, it’s a big puzzle and they’ll piece it together and figure out what happened,”
– OSP Captain Tim Fox

The Illinois Valley Fire Department held a procession for Tandy as Oregon State Police transported his body to the medical examiner in Central Point.

Edwards has been arrested and is being charged with first degree murder, first degree burglary, first degree robbery, unlawful use of a vehicle, and first degree theft. He is currently being held at the Del Norte County Jail.

The case continues to be investigated.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Firefighter Tandy

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