ID Republican Gov Threatens Bar Owners With Loss Of Liquor License After Opening Early

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 12, 2020

A restaurant in Idaho defied the state’s stay at home order by reopening his restaurant in order to feed his family and received an outpouring of support from local leaders

The Lohman’s who own Idaho Hardware Brewing Company reopened their restaurant after being shut down for weeks. The owners were initially doing takeout orders, but that was not enough to keep their business up and running

“We restored a beautiful old building. It’s 116 years old. We put our life savings into it and we made a destination place where people come in groups, they come for wedding parties, they come to stay and enjoy the ambiance of this beautiful building, play some shuffleboard, have some good brews [and] some great pub grub,”
“You do not drive 35 miles or more for me to come out in a hazmat suit and hand you a burger. So, we were starving slowly.”
– Christine Lohman

In Idaho restaurants are not expected to be able to reopen until between mid May to mid June. The Lohman’s thought that they would originally be able to reopen during the initial phase of the state’s plan to reopen but they did not fall under the list of essential businesses

“We were all told we’re not essential and we have to stay closed. So, we defied his order because we know of no law, no legislation that’s been passed…that says that we can’t operate. That we can’t enjoy commerce which is our…constitutional  right,”
– Christine Lohamn

The governor threatened the owners liquor license if they remained open, but other local leaders decided to show their support.

The Lohman’s received support for their restaurant from Lt Governor Janice McGeachin, GOP Chairman Raul Labrador, Rep. Mike Kingsley, Sen. Dan Johnson and local sheriffs

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