Gunfire Erupts At Rochester Party, 2 Dead & 14 Wounded

by Zach Heilman on September 19, 2020
A backyard party turns deadly in Rochester when gunfire erupted shortly after midnight on Saturday
Close to a hundred people were at the party in Rochester when the incident occurred. The gunfire killed two people and injured 14 others. 


The names of the victims who were killed have not been released, but they were between the ages of 18 and 22.
The 14 people who were injured sustained minor injuries.
Currently police do not have anyone in custody.
“This is truly a tragedy of epic proportions. I mean 16 victims is unheard of, and for our community, who’s right now going through so much, to have to be dealt with this tragedy, needlessly, for people who decide to act in a violent manner is unfortunate and shameful.” - Acting Police Chief Mark Simmons
Over the past few weeks Rochester has been experiencing an increase in violence as protest have erupted across the city. 

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