Gun Sales Are Up Amid Coronavirus Concerns for Gun Store Owner In Mesa AZ

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 16, 2020

As fear of the coronavirus continues to grow in the United States more and more people are purchasing guns and gun supplies as they prepare for the worst.

While we have seen a mass hysteria of people purchasing toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies there are those who are preparing for the disruption of social order by ensuring they are able to protect themselves and their homes.

While areas of the United States that have been hit especially hard from the coronavirus have seen an increase in gun sales, it is safe to say that all areas of the country have seen this increase as well.

A gun store owner in Mesa said he hasn’t seen this type of increase in sales since the Obama era when people feared he would take their guns. Another gun store owner in Tulsa Oklahoma said that saying sales are booming would be an understatement.


What is more surprising is there has been a huge increase of sales for first time gun buyers. Some people are buying out of fear of the unraveling of social order while others fear the government will limit the sales of guns.

The truth is many Americans are scared about what life will be like in the United States over the upcoming days, weeks and months so it just makes sense to ensure that you have the ability to protect yourself should the need arise.

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