Gun Rights Victory in New Jersey As Supreme Court Rules Unanimously

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on January 29, 2020

“This is believed to be the first pro-gun rights decision ever issued unanimously by the New Jersey Supreme Court.” – Evan F. Nappen

The County Superior Court and an Appellate Division decisions were overturned by the NJ Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The case was argued by the law firm of Evan F. Nappen on October 24, 2019 but not decided until yesterday (January 28, 2020).

“The Court considers whether an applicant for a handgun carry-permit is entitled to a hearing if the Law Division denies an application that was approved by the police chief or superintendent.

In June 2016, petitioner Calvin Carlstrom applied for a permit to carry a handgun, in his capacity as a security guard for AMC Movie Theaters, to the Roselle Park Police Department. His application included three endorsements to his good character and behavior, certificates indicating the completion of several firearms training and safety courses, the employment application for his security guard position, and a certified letter of need from the director of operations at Global Security Services.

In October 2016, the Roselle Park Police Chief approved Carlstrom’s application. Carlstrom then presented his application to the Law Division. On February 2, 2017, the judge issued an order denying his application without a hearing. The judge determined that Carlstrom failed to demonstrate that he has “a justifiable need to carry a handgun.” Carlstrom appealed, and the Appellate Division affirmed, finding no support in the relevant statutes for Carlstrom’s argument that he was entitled to a hearing.”

From The SYLLABUS: In re Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun of Calvin Carlstrom (A-63-18) (081981)

The full NJ Supreme Court Opinion can be read below…

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