Gov Overreach Gone Too Far: Family Denied Access To Storm Shelter Due To Lack Of Masks

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 23, 2020

On Easter Sunday a family who was seeking shelter from severe weather was turned away from a local storm shelter because they didn’t have enough face masks for all the family members

A female resident after hearing the news about an impending tornado, packed up her daughter and 3 year old granddaughter and headed to Crossville storm shelter.

However when the family arrived at the storm shelter they were not permitted to enter because they didn’t have face masks. The family only had brought one mask with them.

“The guy actually opened the door, he motioned, ‘do you have a mask?’ I held up one mask. I said ‘I have one mask I can put it on the child.’ He motioned no and shut the door.”

The woman and her family could have kept social distancing guidelines in the shelter since it was not full, but that wasn’t acceptable for them to be able to enter and seek safety from impending severe weather.

Apparently the Crossville Mayor had put up a Facebook Post regarding the need to wear masks in the storm shelters, but the woman had not seen the post.

“The storm shelter will OPEN Sunday April 12th at 11am — With the current COVID-19 Virus pandemic — Please try to remain calm and keep your distance as much as possible,” the post read. “YOU ARE ENTERING AT YOUR OWN RISK. Everyone has to wear a mask to be allowed to enter. (Homemade mask, medical masks or a bandanna tied to cover your nose and mouth is acceptable).”
– Crossville Mayor Tera Fortenberry

The Alabama governor had temporarily lifted the stay at home order in anticipation of the storms. According to the Alabama Emergency Management Agency the family should have been allowed in the shelter even without masks. However each EMA did state that municipalities are allowed to implement their own requirements.


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