Google Admits to Being Anti Second Amendment With New Policy

by America's Keepers on October 02, 2019

The world’s largest ad delivery platform, Google Ads, has now taken a position against the Second Amendment.

In their updated terms of service, emailed to all program participants on the last day of September 2019, Google Ads announced that they will be throttling ad revenue to pages that relate to “Guns, gun parts, and related accessories.”

As a result, gun-related websites that rely on ad traffic will see decreased revenue.

Google is clear that as a result of this new policy, fewer advertising sources will be eligible to bid on ad space. In some cases, this will mean that no advertisers are bidding on your inventory and no ads will appear on your content. To put that into perspective,  if you write about guns, expect to see revenues fall.

Google is a private company, so they have the right to discriminate against pro-Second Amendment websites and gun-related web traffic. That is not to say, however, that this will be an action without consequences. Firearms focused on websites that rely on Google Ads are left with limited options since Google controls over 1/4 of all online advertising and almost 90% of global search traffic.

Guns and the Second Amendment have not yet made their list of Publisher Policies. If Google puts guns and the Second Amendment on the list, it would cut them off from ad revenue entirely.

This could be a test to gauge the potential financial impact. If you write about guns, the Second Amendment, or are friendly to either, expect to see a steep drop in revenue from Google Ads moving forward.

by Brian on November 04, 2019

Get fucked Google! Let’s make mom and pop gun stores great again!!!!

by David Hill on November 04, 2019

There you go. Google’s gonna be two sided and screwed up just like Facebook.

by David on November 04, 2019

Need a new search engine.
Screw Google!