Gavin Newsom Closes Beaches & Restaurants, Keeps His Winery Open

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 03, 2020

As Governor Newsom shuts down restaurants, wineries, zoos, museums and beaches across the state his winery in Napa Valley will remain open.

On Wednesday Governor Newsom issued new unconstitutional orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus as residents get ready for the holiday weekend. In 19 counties across the state multiple venues who have recently opened their doors are now being forced to close again.

Restaurants in the counties affected by the order can remain open but only for outdoor seating.

Ironically Newsom did not include Napa Valley in his updated mandate and his winery will not be impacted by the order.

Newsom even went so far as to ban singing and chanting in houses of worship.

Many residents in California are questioning Newsom’s unconstitutional orders after seeing protesters gather in large crowds for weeks with no push back from law enforcement about violating coronavirus orders.

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