GA Man Tests Both Positive And Negative For COVID-19 Just Hours Apart

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 06, 2020

A Cobb County man tested positive for the coronavirus in the morning and by that afternoon he tested negative

On Saturday morning Shaun Smith went to Piedmont Hospital where he got a coronavirus test that came back positive. Just ten days before he had tested negative for the coronavirus and he decided to get a second test on Saturday just to make sure the results were correct. His second test on Saturday afternoon came back negative

In a matter of hours he went from being positive for the deadly virus to being negative. So which results were correct???

Smith was scheduled to have surgery on Monday for an ongoing medical problem, but has to postpone the operation due to the positive coronavirus test. Piedmont will not retest him for the virus for three weeks.

Smith has reported having some symptoms of the coronavirus so he believes the positive test was accurate, but still he is left wondering.

Smith has tried to bring up the issue of the test results to the hospital, the department of health and even the governor’s office, but he is not getting anywhere

“These different groups that should know the information and should be giving me the information, they don’t know and they’re not giving me the information. Just keep us safe. The tests are not accurate. Make sure we can have accurate tests.”
– Shaun Smith

His situation raises concern about the accuracy of coronavirus testing.

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