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Florida Mom Charged In Murder Of 9-year-old Autistic Son

A woman in Florida who initially reported her nine year old autistic son missing, now faces murder charges after he was found dead.

Patricia Ripley on Thursday night called police to report that her son had been abducted from a Home Depot Parking lot.

Ripley stated that her car had been forced off the road by an other vehicle and then two men jumped out demanding drugs from her. When she refused she stated that they took her son.

However security cameras from the Home Depot parking lot showed Ripley sitting in her vehicle alone for approximately 20 minutes before she called police.

On Friday morning her son was found dead in a pond at Miccosukee Golf & Country Club. Ripley eventually admitted that she was involved in her son’s murder after being questioned for hours by police.

Ripley is currently being held at Miami Dade County Jail without bail and is facing murder charges.

A memorial was held for her son outside of the Friendship Circle of Miami where her son attended


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