Florida Gun Store Owner & Firefighter Refused To Close Biz Against Unconstitutional Orders

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 03, 2020

A firefighter who owns a gun store in Delray Beach Florida is protecting his rights and the rights of his customers by staying open during the coronavirus pandemic

On March 24 Brandon Wexler the owner of Wex Gunworks received a visit from code enforcement officials stating that he needed to close his shop. At that time Wexler had 500 people waiting to pickup their firearms. In Florida residents who purchase a gun without a gun carry permit must wait five days until they can pick up their gun.

“You’re violating their rights. They can’t protect their families, their property. And God forbid if this thing turned sideways. I need to help these people. I went into fireman mode.” 
“Forget me being a business owner, I’m more concerned about my customers. This is stupid. They are violating our constitutional rights.” 

– Brandon Wexler

In addition to being a gun shop owner, Wexler is also a firefighter with Palm Beach Fire Department. He views both his role as a firefighter and a gun shop owner as essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

After the visit from the code enforcement officials, Wexler reached out to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) for assistance in a lawsuit that he was preparing. NSSF is working with multiple gun stores across the United States who have encountered situations similar to Wexler’s

“It comes down to this: You don’t have the ability to exercise your fundamental Second Amendment rights unless you have the ability to buy a gun. It all starts at the gun counter. If you don’t have the ability to buy that gun, you can’t exercise your right to keep and bear arms.”
– NSSF Spokesperson Mark Olivia

After the federal government issued guidelines back in March listing gun stores as essential businesses most states have allowed them to stay open, but there has been several areas that have mandated that they close.

“Right now, I think we’re looking at 45 states are open and able to do business. Five states are giving us issues, and we’re working to get those figured out. But even states that you thought would be easy, like Texas, have been problems. ” 
– NSSF Spokesperson Mark Olivia

Fortunately for Wex Gunworks they were able to stay open. On March 25 officials returned to the gun shop, informing managers that the city had changed its policy

“Code enforcement came in. I wasn’t there, I was on duty [at the fire station. And they said, ‘Okay, you guys are good. You’re essential,’ with their tail between their legs. So, it was resolved quickly.” 
– Brandon Wexler

In March gun sales hit a record high across the country as people exercised their second amendment right to bear arms. During times of uncertainty it is important that the American people be able to protect themselves and their homes

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