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Fire Officials Warn Hand Sanitizer Can Explode Inside Locked Cars

Now that we have all stocked up on hand sanitizer we need to remember to take it out of our cars before it goes up in flames.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is warning residents in Texas that as the weather gets increasingly hotter you need to make sure all that hand sanitizer you bought months ago doesn’t stay in your vehicles.

The combination of flammable liquids and direct sunlight can cause it to explode.

“It’s flammable and it’s an irritant. When it’s venting and if it’s venting in a small space like a car, and vapor is released, it can explode.”
– Retired Dallas firefighter Sherrie Wilson

The Texas Department of Public Safety has shared an image from a fire department in Wisconsin where there is extensive damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle from a hand sanitizer explosion.

“What happens with flammables, is they turn to vapor, and they vaporize into a confined space which was a car. And then if there was any introduction of static electricity and that could simply be somebody getting in and pulling down on a sweater or jacket or anything like that,”
– Sherrie Wilson

The best advice carry your hand sanitizer with you this summer and don’t leave it in your vehicle.


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