Fire Dept In Arkansas Provides Free Meals to Truck Drivers

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 23, 2020

A fire department in Little Rock Arkansas is trying to do their part to help truckers get a free meal as they work tirelessly to bring supplies all across the country during the coronavirus outbreak.

Quail Creek Fire Department in Little Rock Arkansas recently learned that truckers are struggling to eat since a lot of truck stops have stopped serving food due to the coronavirus.

They decided to open their doors and provide food to truckers who haul essential supplies across the country. They put up a post on their Facebook page on Saturday letting people in the community know they would be providing free meals to truck drivers. The post was shared by more than 7,000 users.

“I asked the guys if we wanted to go buy some stuff and start cookin’ for ‘em and we did so,” 
“Places like Texas Roadhouse and other places are giving them food, but they’re saying they don’t have a place to park. We have a large parking lot with a side road that’s pretty large. We have an industrial area around there that has 18-wheeler traffic quite often.”

– James Church Quail Creek Fire Department Chief

While the idea was to feed truck drivers, the fire department will not turn anyone away who is in need of food. If you would like to support their efforts you can contact Chief James Church on Facebook


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