Female Off Duty Deputy Shoots Axe Wielding Home Invader

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 27, 2020

An off duty Orange County Deputy shot a man who attempted to break into her home utilizing an axe.

On February 25th at approximately 5:30 pm police received reports of a man attempting to break into multiple homes in Rolling Oaks.

Prior to the police arriving on the scene Steven Thayer armed with an axe attempted to break into a deputy’s home who lived in the area. The deputy was home with her 3 children and shot the armed intruder as he tried to make his way into her home

Despite the shots, Thayer still managed to get into the deputy’s home. She managed to wrestle Thayer to the ground and get him in handcuffs. The deputy then administered CPR until an ambulance was able to arrive at the scene.

“Our deputies are trained to protect themselves, protect our communities, and this person broke into a deputy’s home with an ax, and who knows what his intentions were. Anyone like this is going to be met with lethal force by our deputies, and I think she did a great job.”
– Sheriff Mina

Thayer was treated at a local hospital for gunshot wounds to the lower extremities and upon release was booked at the Orange County jail for aggravated assault and burglary

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