FBI: Man Coughs On Agent During Arrest for Price Gouging

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 31, 2020

When a Brooklyn man was arrested for price gauging medical supplies including N95 respirators, he coughed on FBI agents claiming to have the coronavirus.

Baruch Feldheim, a 43 year old man from Brooklyn, was arrested for price gauging on medical supplies. According to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito, Feldheim agreed to sell a New Jersey doctor 1,000 N95 masks and other medical supplies for $12,000 which is approximately a 700 percent markup

The doctor met Feldheim at an auto repair shop in Irvington to pick up the supplies. When he got there he saw that the shop contained enough materials for an entire hospital. Feldheim had hand sanitizers, clorox wipes, chemical cleaning supplies and surgical supplies.

It appears Feldheim received a shipment of face masks from Canada to his home and on numerous occasions people witnessed individuals going into his home and leaving with what appeared to be medical supplies.

When FBI agents questioned Feldheim about the supplies he coughed on them exclaiming he had the coronavirus. At this time it is uncertain if he does have the coronavirus.

He also made claims that he worked for a company that sold personal protective equipment and that he never had physical custody of the materials.

Feldheim has been charged with making false statements to law enforcement and assault of a federal agent.


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