Eastern Airlines Works With the State Department to Get U.S. Citizens Home

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 03, 2020

A small Pennsylvania based airline is working diligently to try and get American citizens who are stranded abroad back home to the United States

Eastern Airlines is working with the State Department to coordinate repatriation flights for Americans who are stranded in Haiti, Argentina, Panama and other countries as well.

“We got our first call from an embassy in the country of Guyana needing to get American citizens home. After we operated that flight from Georgetown, Guyana, we reached out to the repatriation task force and they put an email blast out to all the embassies and posts in Central and South America and then our phone started ringing and since then we have flown from 12 different countries and brought home over 7700 people.”
– Steve Harfst, the president & CEO of Eastern Airlines.

On Wednesday Eastern Airlines operated a flight that brought 240 passengers back to the United States from Ecuador. The flight arrived in Miami International Airport.

Michael Brett was one of the passengers aboard the plane, and he is extremely grateful to Eastern Airlines for getting him back to the U.S.

“It was a big relief when that thing pulled up to where we were going to board. It was getting a little stressful. It’s been a long couple days, couple weeks.”
– Michael Brett

Eastern Airlines is a small company with only 187 employees who are volunteering their time to help get people home.

“It’s really about getting people home. I can’t say enough about our employees who have selflessly put themselves out there to help people get home and it’s really an amazing story and I couldn’t be more proud of our people,”
Steve Harfst


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