During The Coronavirus Outbreak, Woman Helps Elderly Couple Buy Groceries

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 16, 2020

As millions of Americans try to figure out life in a country under a national emergency it is refreshing to see the kindness that has surfaced as we try to work collaboratively in the fight against the Coronavirus

Rebecca Mehra reminds us of the importance of helping the most vulnerable to stay safe and ensure that their basic needs are meant.

Last week Rebecca went to the grocery store to pick up a few things when an elderly couple reached out to the stranger asking for help.


The plea for help came just after the first case of the coronavirus had been diagnosed where she lived in Bend Oregon.

The elderly couple explained to Rebecca that they were afraid to go into the store and asked if she would buy them groceries.

“She cracked down the window just a little bit more and handed me a hundred-dollar bill and a handwritten grocery list so I just went on in the store, bought the items off the list and came right back out, loaded them in her trunk and gave her the change,”
– Rebecca Mehra

Sometimes it’s a simple action that can have a lasting effect. Rebecca’s simple act of kindness ensured that this elderly couple could get the groceries they needed.

During this time of chaos don’t forget to check in on those who are most vulnerable including the elderly and those who are already compromised due to various illnesses.

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