Donald Trump & Andrew Cuomo Sitting In A Tree…

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 18, 2020

On Tuesday President Trump praised Governor Cuomo for doing a great job on his efforts to combat the coronavirus in New York. His praises come just a day after Trump attacked Cuomo on Twitter

On Tuesday President Trump informed reporters at the White House that he had a great talk with Governor Cuomo about how they can work together to combat the Coronavirus. The talk included ways they can help to set up more hospitals in New York.

“We’re both doing a really great job and we’re coordinating things. A hotspot of virus transmission in New York is not the fault of anybody.”
– President Trump

Currently New York has the highest cases of coronavirus in the country with almost 1400 cases reported.

President Trump and Governor Cuomo are working collaboratively to figure out when it would be necessary for the feds to help out to boost hospital capacity.

“By speaking with Gov. Cuomo and other governors, we’re going to know the points. New York has got a big problem. The State of Washington has a big problem. California has some big problems. Everyone’s doing a good job, but we’re going to know what it will be.”
– President Trump

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