Disgusting Child Abuse Ring Discovered In Germany

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 11, 2020

Eleven people have been arrested after police discovered a child abuse dungeon in Germany where unimaginable acts were filmed.

While police were conducting an investigation at a summer home in Munster Germany they uncovered footage that showed two boys, ages five and ten, being brutally raped by four men.

Police discovered over 500 terabytes of footage that showed horrific acts. The abuse was filmed at the summer home that had cameras inside and outside the home.

Police believe the children were drugged prior to being abused.

an IT technician along with his mother and five others are currently being held in custody. A total of eleven people have been arrested but police believe there are a lot more individuals involved in the operation.

The IT technician allegedly appeared on the dark web offering up the children to be abused to pedophiles.

Joachim Poll who is leading the investigation said that the crimes were absolutely horrific.

The two children who were found in the home have been taken into care.

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