Disgraced Televangelist Jim Bakker Gets Cease & Desist Order From NY AG

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 08, 2020

As Coronavirus cases continue to climb in the United States with multiple states issuing state of emergencies there’s always gonna be those scammers who try to capitalize on the fear of the American people.

Televangelist Jim Bakker is back at it again claiming that his, “Silver Solution” cures the Coronavirus. Bakker recently served 5 years of a 45 years sentence after stealing millions of dollars from his ministry, Praise the Lord Club.

Attorney General, Letitia James sent a cease and desist letter to Bakker regarding his program that he has been pushing to the public. Bakker has 10 days to comply or he faces a fine of $5000 per violation.


Bakker brought a guest on his show back on February 12 who claimed that the Silver Solution Product had been shown to eliminate others strands of the Coronavirus within 12 hours.

Currently the World Health Organization has stated that there is no known FDA approved medicine or vaccine that can treat or prevent the Coronavirus.

“In addition to being mindful about our health, we must also beware of unscrupulous actors who attempt to take advantage of this fear and anxiety to scam or deceive consumers. I encourage anyone who believes they are the victim of a scam or predatory action to contact my office and file a complaint.”
– Letitia James

Bakker has a history of trying to scam people out of money by offering solutions that don’t really exist. He was also accused of raping a Church’s secretary. He claimed that he was set up and the sex was consensual.

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