Denver To Remove Police From Public Schools

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 23, 2020

The Denver Public School System is officially severing its ties with the Denver Police Department by removing police from all schools.

The Denver School Board voted unanimously last week to removed Denver Police from their schools. The school board’s decision is an effort to undo “the systemic racism that Black children and children of color face.”

“DPS is deeply committed to affirming the lives of our students and has been changing our institutional culture to align with that commitment and undo the normalization of inferiority and bias,”
– Denver School District

Data from the Colorado Department of Criminal Justice shows that black students are ticketed and arrested at school at a higher rate than white students.

The school district plans to use the funds to bring in more social workers, psychologist, mental health professionals and restorative justice practitioners to work with students.

Denver School System is just one of many school districts across the U.S. to remove police presence.

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