Dems In Virginia Want To Reduce Penalty For Assaulting Police Officers

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 01, 2020

Virginia Democrats are proposing that anyone who assaults a member of law enforcement only be charged with a misdemeanor as opposed to a class 6 felony.

Currently under Virginia law the assault of a member of law enforcement is a class 6 felony which carries a minimum sentence of 6 month in jail. Democrats are proposing that the charge be reduced to a misdemeanor.

If any person commits an assault or an assault and battery against another knowing or having reason to know that such other person is a judge, a magistrate, a law-enforcement officer … a correctional officer  … a volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical services personnel member who is employed by or is a volunteer of an emergency medical services agency or as a member of a bona fide volunteer fire department or volunteer emergency medical services agency … such person is guilty of a Class 6 felony, and, upon conviction, the sentence of such person shall include a mandatory minimum term of confinement of six months.
– Current Virginia Code

In addition to reducing the charge for assaulting a member of law enforcement, the Democrats have a list of 28 additional amendments to current laws as part of their proposal for law enforcement reform.

Below is a list of some of their proposals

● Prohibit No Knock Warrants (Breonna Taylor)
● Ban Sex With Individuals Arrested by Law Enforcement*
● Prohibit Hiring of Officers Fired or Resigned During Use of Force Investigations
● Create a Decertification Procedure for Law Enforcement Officers*
● Ban chokeholds and strangleholds (George Floyd)
● Require Attempts at De-escalation Prior to Use of Force
● Require Warnings Before Shots Fired
● Require Law Enforcement to Exhaust All Other Means Prior to Shooting
● Create Duty to Intervene by Fellow Law Enforcement Officers
● Prohibit Shooting at Moving Motor Vehicles
● Require Departments to Create a Use of Force Continuum
● Require Comprehensive Reporting by All Law Enforcement Agencies Including Use of Force Data
● Defelonize Assault on Law Enforcement Officer (Return to Misdemeanor Offense)
● Cancel HB599 Funding (Virginia supplemental funding for local police departments) After Local
Police Have Disproportionate Use of Force Incidents In their Jurisdiction

The full proposal by the Virginia Democrats can be found here

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