Democrats Smear Trump with More Lies, This Time Regarding Coronavirus

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 27, 2020

With the coronavirus being a hot topic it’s no surprise that the Democrats are attempting to use it to their advantage, creating false allegations against the Trump administration.

During the Democratic debate on Tuesday night former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg made allegations that a pandemic specialist had been fired at the White House and that funding was being cut for the Centers for Disease Control.


Bloomberg even tried to blame Trump for the spread of the coronavirus despite the fact that there are less than 60 cases in the United States with a majority of the cases coming from individuals who were on the Diamond Cruise ship.

After fact checking Bloomberg’s claims about pandemic specialist being fired it was discovered that the specialist left voluntarily during a restructuring of the National Security Council. The alleged budget cuts were proposed not enacted and the proposal came down as the CDC was winding down its response to Ebola.

While Democrats might feel that President Trump’s response to coronavirus is less than adequate they need to check their facts before making false allegations.

Plus they seem to be overlooking what he has done right. Despite the fact that he overlooked protocol when shutting down travel to China, that decision has likely prevented a larger outbreak and has given the government more time to prepare should an outbreak occur here in the United States

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