Defunding Police Raises Questions For North Minneapolis Residents

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 24, 2020

While many protesters in Minneapolis have demanded that the police department needs to be defunded, some residents are warning that such a move could be disastrous.

Since the Minneapolis City Council announced that they would be disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department some residents have noticed a drastic increase in crime and warn that disbanding the police will only result in more violence.

The president and CEO of the Urban League Twin Cities, Steve Belton, has noticed crime increasing since the city council’s decision to disband the police. He feels their decision was irresponsible and they should have spoken with members of the black community before making such a drastic decision.

“Violent people have used that sound bite — ‘defund the police’ — as an indication that there is no consequence, that there is no policing, and [concluded] that they are free to whatever they want to do.”
– Steven Belton

An other Minneapolis resident, Keion Franklin, who had participated in the George Floyd protest feels that there needs to be consideration for the north side of Minneapolis which has a much higher crime rate than other sections of the city.

“I know on one side of the city, it looks beautiful for defunding to happen, But here on this side of the city, I’m scared if you defund the police … Is it going to turn into World War III over here?”
– Keion Franklin

It appears the Minneapolis City Council made a reactive decision to defund the police as opposed to taking time to respond and really consider what would be best for all areas of the city.

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