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Deadly Fire Erupts Along Tennessee River In Alabama, Divers Continue to Search For Victims

A raging fire on a boat dock in Scottsboro Alabama occurred just shortly after midnight, taking at least 8 lives. The boat dock located along the Tennessee River destroyed 35 vessels that were docked there at the time.

As the wooden dock went up in flames an aluminum roof that covered many of the boat melted and collapsed, cutting off most of the available escape routes. People jumped into the freezing Tennessee River in an effort to get away from the blaze.

Seven people were rescued from the water and treated for minor injuries with the majority of them being hypothermia.

Some of the boats sank at the site of the fire and other boats drifted off before sinking.

“We woke up hearing screams and popping noises. When we woke up, we could see red through the window. Within 15 to 20 minutes, the whole dock was in flames. All these boats have propane tanks and gas tanks, and that’s a lot of fire.” – Fire Victim

According to Jackson County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Rocky Harnen he stated that it could take days to find all of those who are missing and who have been killed from the deadly fire. Divers continue to search the river to find possible victims.

“Water was the only place they had to go, Its just extremely sad. It’s horrible. The damage from the dock has fallen on top of the boats, and some of the boats have drifted off.” – Rocky Harren


As the sun rose police and fire boats with flashing lights continued to monitor the situation and a yellow floating boom was utilized in an effort to contain the spilled fuel.

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