Deadly Coronavirus Fear Intensifies as Reported Cases and Travel Bans Increase

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on January 26, 2020

The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the city of Wuhan as the death toll continues to rise and there is an increase in reported cases by more than 50%.

As of today more than 50 people have died in Wuhan and there’s close to 2,000 reported cases with an additional 2,600 suspected cases there as well

Across other areas of China there have been 15 more deaths and 688 new cases reported of the virus. These include the cities of Shanghai, Hubei Province and Henan Province

China is implementing travel restrictions in more than 20 cities in an effort to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Fear continues to rise about the transmission rate as hundreds of people are traveling to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


While this virus is similar to the SARS virus which caused an outbreak almost two decades ago, there are some difference that make this virus even more frightening. The virus is believed to be capable of transmission during the incubation period which can be anywhere from 1-14 days. This means that individuals may not be showing any symptoms for days but are still capable of passing the virus to other individuals.

“From now on, the spread of the epidemic is relatively fast, which brings some challenges and pressures to prevention and control. Experts predict that the epidemic is now entering a more severe and complicated period.”

– Ma Xiaowei

The U.S. State Department is putting together plans to evacuate its personnel who are stationed in Wuhan

A flight is scheduled to depart on Tuesday January 28 to evacuate private U.S. citizens who are at a greater risk for contacting the coronavirus to San Francisco

The department said it will also book a limited number of private U.S. citizens onto the flight which scheduled to depart Tuesday. It said priority will be given to Americans at greater risk from coronavirus.

Other countries are following suit and working to get their citizens out of the city of Wuhan

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