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de Blasio Deploys Snitch Squad To Enforce Social Distancing

On Friday Mayor DeBlasio announced the New York City Police Department will no longer be in charge of enforcing social distancing guidelines.

As the NYPD has come under scrutiny for questionable tactics for enforcing social distancing, Mayor DeBlasio announced that individuals with the, “Cure Violence Movement” would now be in charge of enforcing the guidlines.

The “Cure Violence Movement” is part of the crisis management system made of 18 organizations that cover 21 neighborhoods. They mainly have focused on educating people about gun violence, but now they will be educating people about the coronavirus.

“They will use the trust that they have built in communities … to educate people about the coronavirus. The effort will be of and by and for each community,”
– Mayor DeBlasio

The NYPD will now focus on breaking up large gatherings as we go into the Memorial Day Weekend.

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