De Blasio Blames COVID For Increased Violence In NYC (44 Shot, 8 Killed)

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 06, 2020

Mayor DeBlasio refuses to take responsibility for the increase in crime in New York City over the weekend and instead named the coronavirus as the culprit.

In New York City over the holiday weekend more than 44 people were shot and at least 8 people were killed. The city has seen a drastic increase in violence since Mayor DeBlasio dispersed the plainclothes anti crime unit several weeks ago.

Instead of acknowledging the impact of his decision to disperse the unit, Mayor DeBlasio placed the blame on the coronavirus during a Monday morning press conference.

“I want to talk about what happened this weekend. Many were out there celebrating, but we saw too much violence, and we have a lot of work to do to address it. There is not one cause for something like this. This is directly related to coronavirus. This is a very serious situation… As we’re getting into warmer and warmer weather, we’re feeling the effects of people being cooped up for months, the economy hasn’t restarted – we have a real problem here.”
– Mayor DeBlasio

The violent weekend comes just days after the New York City Council and Mayor DeBlasio announced a $1 billion budget cut to the NYPD.

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