COVID Patient Breaks Court Order For Groceries, Vandalizes Cop Car

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 01, 2020

A woman in Kentucky who is infected with the coronavirus was arrested on Monday after breaking a court order quarantine on multiple occasions.

Kendra Burnett was ordered to stay at home after testing positive for the coronavirus, but she refused to comply despite warnings from law enforcement.

Burnett was arrested by law enforcement on Monday outside of a Kroger store where she had gone shopping. While she was in the store there was close to 200 other customers inside.

Police had received a report around 10:30 am that Burnett had broken quarantine and was shopping at a Kroger supermarket. When police arrived they initially made contact with her mother who pointed out her daughter’s location to law enforcement.

Burnett was arrested and during the process she kicked out a taillight of a patrol car and damaged the inside door handle. This was the third report of Burnett breaking quarantine.

In early April Burnett refused to sign an agreement to quarantine at home and ignored multiple calls and emails. When police showed up to her house she refused to answer the door.

The Health Department obtained an order from Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Charlie Cunningham that mandated that Burnett wear an ankle bracelet for the duration of her mandated quarantine.

“Despite a court order to self-quarantine and being fitted with an ankle bracelet, a COVID-19 infected individual left quarantine on Monday morning. Louisville Metro Department of Corrections received an alert that the individual had left her quarantine area, and then notified MetroSafe, which dispatched LMPD to the scene pinpointed by the alert.”
– Dave Langdon, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness

Burnett was charged with criminal mischief, contempt of a court libel/slander resistance to order, and five counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. She was released from jail on Tuesday after paying a $5,000 bond. Her next court appearance is June 3

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