Coronavirus Count Grows To 8 For San Jose Firehouse

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 15, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, a fire department in San Jose is battling the spread within their own community

This past Thursday a firefighter in San Jose tested positive for the coronavirus. By Friday the total number of confirmed cases within their community grew to 8.

There are 46 others within the community that may have been exposed to the illness and they are currently being monitored. In addition some of the firefighters who have contracted the virus have also spread the illness to family members


After a review of the firefighters work history the Fire Department is doing a deep cleaning of places he came in contact with including Stations 9 & 31 and the Fire Training Center.

“Because our firefighters work in teams and train together and they eat together and sleep in the same areas, they are at risk for possible exposure. We don’t know how the firefighter contracted the illness. He is in a hospital in the city where he resides being treated by medical professionals.”
– Assistant Fire Chief Reggie Williams

According to the San Jose Firefighters Union nearly 80 firefighters could have potentially been exposed and they are currently restricted from working.

“As firefighters, we commit our careers and lives to serving the public in their time of need. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as it grows among our residents is an unprecedented challenge, and we are up to that challenge, but it is also taking a tremendous toll on us as we fall ill and support our ill family members.”
– IAFF Local 230 President Sean Kaldor

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