Connecticut Democrats Aim To Expand Gun Confiscation

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 05, 2020

Two Democratic lawmakers in Connecticut are pushing to expand the Red Flag law to allow relatives and medical professionals to be able to petition the court to confiscate guns from individuals who are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

The proposal would be an expansion of the already existing law that allows prosecutors and law enforcement to get a court order to remove guns from people deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

Senator Gary Winfield (D) and Representative Steve Stafstrom (D) are proposing that relatives and medical professionals such as nurses, physicians and psychologist be added to the list as well.


“While Connecticut led the way with its own risk warrant law in 1999, numerous states have since passed stronger measures, and it is time for our state to do the same. Strengthening Connecticut’s ability to remove firearms from individuals who may harm themselves or others is an important piece of making our communities safer. Together we can save lives.”
– Gary Winfield

Many gun rights groups oppose the proposal saying that it is a violation of an individual’s rights. There is no requirement that there be an investigation by anyone when family members file a court complaint to have someone’s gun removed. However prosecutors and law enforcement are required to conduct an investigation.

The question that many gun rights groups have is how far will the government be allowed to reach???

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