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Comrade Whitmer Locks Down Michigan Through 6/12

Governor Whitmer is continuing on a rampage to abuse her power by extending the state’s stay at home order until June 12.

Many residents in Michigan are extremely fed up with Governor Whitmer as she continues to keep the state in lockdown. Protest have been going on across the state as residents demand that it reopens.

This past week Governor Whitmer extended her unconstitutional stay at home order from May 29 to June 12.

All business including gyms, casinos, movie theaters, hair and nail salons, schools, camps and barbershops must remain closed.

“If we’re going to lower the chance of a second wave and continue to protect our neighbors and loved ones from the spread of this virus, we must continue to do our part by staying safer at home,” 
– Governor Whitmer

Earlier in the month Whitmer had threatened to extend the order if protest continued, and it looks like she has followed through on her threat.

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