Chris Cuomo Calls Himself Fredo, Triggered When Someone Else Does

by America's Keepers on August 14, 2019
CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Monday that the name “Fredo” is the n-word for Italians and threatened to toss a man down the stairs for using it, but the CNN host once called himself “Fredo” in a 2010 radio interview.

In a January 2010 interview with Curtis Sliwa on AM 970, Cuomo was questioned about his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his optimism to run for governor of the state as a Democrat.

Sliwa said he had nicknamed the family “la Cuomo nostra” in the interview

“There is a group of people – politicos – who always hint they might run, but not necessarily plunge all the way, and they are members of la Cuomo,” Sliwa stated.

“Who am I then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked Sliwa in response.
The radio interview’s resurfaces after a heckler approached Cuomo Monday in New York and called him Fredo. Cuomo responded by equating the name to the n-word for Italians, and hurled a series of expletives at the man and threatened physical assault.

A video that went viral Monday on Twitter shows Cuomo in a heated shouting match with a man who called him “Fredo,” with the CNN newsman telling him it was an insult to Italians the same way the N-word is for African Americans.

“Fredo is from ‘The Godfather,’ he was a weak brother and the use of it to an Italian is disparaging,” Cuomo tells him in the video.

 The man then tells Cuomo that he thought that was his name.

Cuomo, a son of the late Gov. Mario Cuomo, shoots back, “Own what you said” before threatening to “throw you down these stairs like a f–king punk.”