Canada and Australia Announce They Will Not Send Athletes to Olympic Games

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 23, 2020

As the coronavirus spreads across the world athletes and countries are expressing their concerns about the Olympic games and if they should be cancelled

The 2020 Summer Olympics are scheduled to start in July in Tokyo, but concerns about the spread of the coronavirus at such a huge event are causing alarm. Canada and Australia have already stated that they will not be sending their athletes to the Olympic games.

“With COVID-19 and the associated risks, it is not safe for our athletes, and the health and safety of their families and the broader Canadian community for athletes to continue training towards these Games,”
– Canadian Olympic Committee

The coronavirus pandemic has also impacted many athletes’ training as more and more countries impose strict lock down protocols which limit their ability to train.

“A decision about a postponement today could not determine a new date for the Olympic Games because of the uncertain developments in both directions. An improvement, as we are seeing in a number of countries thanks to the severe measures being taken, or a deteriorating situation in other countries.”
Thomas Bach IOC committee president

The International Olympic committee has not yet made a decision regarding the Olympic games. However they did give themselves a deadline of mid April to decide whether or not to proceed with the games as planned


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