California Town Challenges Gov Newsom’s Power Abusing ‘Close The Beaches’ Order

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 01, 2020

The Huntington Beach City Council voted to challenge Governor Newsom’s order to close all Orange County Beaches in a vote of 5-2.

Shortly after Governor Newsom made the announcement on Thursday that all Orange County Beaches must close, the Huntington Beach City Council held a closed session voting to take legal action against the governor’s order.

Mayor Lyn Semeta of Huntington Beach said that beaches will stay closed while they fight to get an injunction.

“We’re very concerned about if we happen to be the only Orange County beach open at that point. That would be very difficult on our marine safety officers.”
– Mayor Lyn Semeta

The Newport Beach City Council will also be convening this weekend to decide if they will take action against the governor’s order

Earlier in the week Newsom had criticized residents for flocking to the beaches and defying the state’s stay at home order.

Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel expressed frustration about the governor’s order

“We should be rewarding our communities for practicing safe social distancing, not punishing them by closing down only Orange County beaches and this is not acceptable. I will be looking into the right response to the governor’s overreaction and abuse of power.”

– Michelle Steel

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said that he will not enforce the order through legal action and will not be arresting individuals. He is hoping residents will voluntarily comply with the order.

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