California Has Left Us Out… A Letter From Behind Enemy Lines

by americaskeepersinc on May 13, 2020

Post By Melissa Dietrich

A few years ago my family and I moved from Southern to Northern California. My husband had switched jobs.  My oldest daughter was going to Chico State. My two younger kids were going into middle school & elementary school. I hated the traffic and rat race, so it was the perfect time for us to move! We moved into a rural area outside of Sacramento, our little simple life that we absolutely loved. Apparently though, we did not move far enough.

I am extended family handcuffed to California, but I can no longer live in this state. During this virus pandemic it has all become more apparent. I love California for the weather, the nature, big cities, our history, it’s just not enough for me anymore. Me and my family have decided we will move to Arizona.

California is no longer for the working middle class family. It has moved so progressive that in some cases it is actually more beneficial to be an illegal immigrant or a welfare recipient. I know that each state has its own unique social and economic issues, but unfortunately California has taken the lead on most of them.

While I watch other states rejoice during this time about $1 gas, ours has barely gone below $3. While I watch other states slowly open, LA County just shut down for 3 more months. Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous and very careful when the virus first hit. I didn’t even mind the masks. Now, I know this is all political. With California leading the way in tyrannical governing.

I don’t know what will happen in the next few months. I know that State Colleges are all online in the fall semester. What’s next? Elementary, high schools, preschools? How will we ever go back to work without child care or taking our kids to school? Many mom and pop stores in my town have already shut down. Three more months they want? Everything will be closed.

My hope is that the country and California begin to open up soon. I am afraid the democrats and their crazy agendas will try and keep it closed until the election. I will not be a sheep, I will not wear a plexiglass dress because Gavin Newsom is looking for some progressive knighthood.

Do other middle class families feel the same way? I think so. Will there be an exodus of the middle class from California who are done with this state? I think so. Has this state given us all it has to give? The wealthy people here will keep their money and the impoverished will benefit from socialist policies. The middle class has now become expendable.

We have enjoyed it. We will always love California. We will always be back to visit. But, we have to leave California, because California has left us out…

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