CA Restaurant Defies Lockdown, Opens Door To Happy Crowds

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 04, 2020

A South Orange County restaurant decided to open its door this past weekend despite Governor Newsom’s stay at home order, and the response was overwhelming

In San Clemente the owner of Nomads Canteen reached out to city and county officials letting them know he was reopening his restaurant and their response surprised him. No one attempted to stop him.

Shortly after Nomads Canteen opened their doors on Sunday they reached full capacity. Jeff Gourey was emotional as the restaurant opened their doors.

Gourey’s 25 employees rely on their income from the restaurant to support themselves and their families. Since mid March the restaurant has been doing take out but only bringing in about 10% of their usual business

“I’m emotional. It’s a bigger fight than for my restaurant. It’s for my people. How long do we hide from it, regardless? We can’t stop working. We can’t stop living.”
– Jeff Gourey

Many customers were glad to have the option to go out and eat again. They have missed having social interaction since everything had shut down under Governor Newsom’s stay at home order.

Gourey understands that the coronavirus is serious and encouraged customers to practice social distancing. However he feels that himself and his employees are young and healthy enough that they would be able to recover from the coronavirus

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