CA Nonprofit Thrift Store Fined $21K For Not Closing

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 22, 2020

In Santa Rosa California a nonprofit organization that has multiple thrift stores has been fined $21,000 for staying open in defiance of Governor Newsom’s unconstitutional stay at home order.

A nonprofit that operates multiple thrift stores in Santa Rosa faces numerous fines and citation for opening up their business. The thrift stores fund, “Crossing the Jordan” which assist people who are struggling with homelessness, addiction or incarceration.

“We have to take a stand in these situations we realize we’re defying the order we’re very clear about it but what we believe is that there is discrimination in these essential and non-essential businesses,” 
– Dana Bryant

Dana and Michael Bryant initially shut their doors in March but after weeks of being shut down they decided to reopen their stores with precautions in place. Without any money coming in through their stores they would not be able to fund, “Crossing the Jordan”

“We took a risk when we opened our doors we said let the people speak for themselves if they think it’s unsafe they wont come in if they think it’s unsafe they wont donate,”
– Dana Bryant

Once they opened up they received a visit from police telling them they needed to close.

“The police came, they were actually really nice and he said well he said this isn’t personal and I said it’s personal for us,” 
– Michael Bryant

The thrift store provide funds that help 100 people in their program receive stability and housing. Without the proceeds from the stores the program couldn’t remain open.

Despite all the fines and citations the Bryants are committed to remain open so that they can help the people who are receiving services through their program.

“Staying open and defying orders and being able to get in front of a judge, at least we have a fighting chance the other way there was no fight at all it was close down and send them off and I was’t willing to do that,”
Michael Bryant said.

The nonprofit has set up a Go Fund Me to help them continue to support those in need.


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