CA County Threatens To Remove People With COVID-19 To Quarantine Centers

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 08, 2020

In California, Ventura County is considering a drastic program to slow the spread of the coronavirus by removing individuals from their homes and putting them in coronavirus quarantine centers

Many Californians are already fed up with Governor Newsom’s stay at home order, and now Ventura County is trying to take things even further by ordering those infected with the coronavirus to leave their homes.

The announcement about forcible quarantines was announced on Wednesday by Ventura County Health Director Robert Levin

“Some of the people we find are going to have a hard time being isolated. If they live in a home where there is only one bathroom and there are three or four other people living there and those people don’t have covid infections we’re not going to be able to keep that person in that home. Every person who we’re isolating needs to have their own bathroom. So we’ll be moving people like this in to other kinds of housing that we have available.”
– Robert Levin

As states start opening up and the spread of the coronavirus has been slowing down, it seems extreme that a county that has only seen 595 cases since the start of the pandemic would start locking people up. The proposed order seems over the top and an extreme abuse of power

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