Bloomberg Buys Gun Control Influence with $500K Donation to FLA Senate Pres. Bill Galvano

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on January 25, 2020

Donald Trump Jr. blasts Galvano

Florida Senate President Bill Galvano is being slammed by Donald Trump Jr. for taking funds from groups affiliated with Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s far left group, Every Town for Gun Safety Action Fund, contributed $500,000 to Galvano’s Political Committee.

In September 2018 Galvano thanked the far left group by stating, “He will make no apologies for supporting gun control championed by Bloomberg.” He also stated, “He was grateful for the support.”

“Any supposed ‘Republican’ who proudly accepts money from Mini Mike Bloomberg and is supportive of his gun control agenda is nothing more than a stone cold RINO. The last thing Florida Republicans need is a liberal, gun-grabbing Bloomberg minion leading them in the State Senate.”

– Donald Trump Jr.


The donations from Every Town for Gun Safety Action Fund were under scrutiny this week as Galvano led a Senate Panel going over Bloomberg’s gun control agenda for Florida

Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter in the Parkland tragedy, also spoke out against Galvano.

“Democrats exploited the murder of my daughter. I never imagined a Republican would do the same, but that’s exactly what Bill Galvano did He took $500,000 from Bloomberg & tried to reinstate disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel This boils my blood! #FixIt”

Andrew Pollack

NRA President Marion P Hammer was also outraged by Galvano

“Looks like our Second Amendment Rights were sold for a large contribution from anti-gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

– Marion P Hammer

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