BLM Activist Targets Cop Bar, Kills 3 In Louisville

by Zach Heilman on September 20, 2020
A Black Lives Matter activist walked into a Louisville bar owned by a retired cop wearing a, “Justice for Breonna Taylor” tshirt and opened fire.
Michael Rhynes went into a bar known to be owned by a retired cop and started shooting at the people on the outside patio. 
As he was escorted out of the bar by arresting officers he had big smile plastered all over his face. 
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Three people died at the bar. One was the father of a young girl, an other the fiancee of the manager and the other was a 48 year old male. 
Two of the individuals died at the bar and the other one was pronounced dead at the local hospital. 
The incident happened just as the bar was getting ready to close up on Friday night around 11:30 pm.
“A sick deranged individual decided he was going to take three people’s lives. A person walked across the street, looked in my patio walked around the patio, came up to this table right here, and indiscriminately shot three of my customers. One of which was my manager’s fiancé.” - Joe Bishop owner of the bar
The crime was a racially motivated planned attack against police and yet because the incident doesn't align with the narrative that the media wants us to believe it got very little attention. 
Police are being targeted all across the country, but the media wants you to believe that it's the police who are doing the targeting. The men and women in blue who risks their lives every day are now at an even greater risk of not making it home from their shift.



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by Patriot on September 23, 2020

It’s way past time for people to start carrying their own protection and using it! That BLM bastard should have been drug out on the floor in a body bag! Enough is enough!

by Wesley on September 23, 2020

Lmbao hard . Different when the Deer has the Gun
Justice for Breonna Taylor

by Richard Darling on September 22, 2020

As a 35 year veteran law enforcement officer there has always been one issue during my career that ill never understand, especially today.
I certainly understand the constitutional right of the Freedom of the Press, what I dont understand is the relationship between Law Enforcement and the Press.
The Press will spend days crucifing law enforcement, such in the initial incident sparking today’s riots, destruction and murders, over one bad deed committed by one bad apalways making it sound like that all law enforcement are the same. When law enforcement takes something to the press that benefits and inproves the community it will barely get a few seconds of network time. This does’t necessarily bother me as much as why law enforcement agencies continue to seek a relationship with a group of media networks who seek to destroy the reputation of good men and women who go above and beyond to make a difference. The media seems to be a wild animal lerking in the darkness waiting for it’s next victim, pouncing on its prey for the kill, all in the name of ratings.
I dont understand why as law enforcement professionals, time and time again, we maintain these close relationships with such an organizations who will smile in our face one minute and cut our throats the very next.
With todays technology and social media media why are not law enforcement agencies making its own News?
I understand the new’s networks needing a story, but they can get their stories from police reports. Their going to put their own twist on it anyway. So therefore why is not law enforcement doing they’re own stories, distributing the actual real truth through social media and other means that law enforcement has access too.
I’ll never understand this relationshop.

by Eric on September 21, 2020

Stick it up your ass Fahed.

by Eric on September 21, 2020

Damn nigger!

by ken on September 21, 2020

Execute him now. Dirtbag

by Nancy on September 21, 2020

Hope they have the death penalty!! HIS life? Means nothing to anyone!!!

by Fahed on September 21, 2020

@Trifecta – just like Doug B – you’re saying violence is the answer. Isn’t that what this guy did? But you are not ok with it because he doesn’t have the same skin color as you. (assuming your skin is translucent) You are a hypocrite.

by Reggie on September 21, 2020

@Mike Garrow – well said

by RedKeeper on September 21, 2020

@Doug B. – violence is the solution huh? Isn’t that what this guy did? Very hypocritical of you.

by Frank on September 21, 2020

@Barbara Hagerty – You’re sick of BLM? Whites have never been as oppressed as minorities, so there is no need to say white lives matter. You’re light skin has always given you a leg up on others. Spoiled brat.

by Sue on September 21, 2020

C’mon. Don’t group all BLM activists as killers. Not everyone groups all police as killers. These types of headlines and stories keep pushing people further to one side or another and inflames more anger than we need.

by Doug B. on September 21, 2020

NEWS FLASH!!! Concerning all of the civil unrest over Social Justice & Race Inequality: President Trump should extend an olive branch to BLM, ANTIFA, radicalized progressive Democrats, the Mass Media, RINO’s, & to the Democrat Party: Via a nationally televised speech, as soon as possible, President Trump should publicly reach out to ALL folks that are interested in uniting our country. Our nation is on track to enter into a bloody civil war, so President Trump should take a lesson from President Abraham Lincoln and issue a 21st Century Emancipation Proclamation and remind all persons being held as oppressed slaves in Democrat controlled cities (like Metro Louisville) and states (like KY) that they “are, and henceforward shall be free.” Signed… ‘Donald John Trump’—-the 45th, current, and soon to be reelected President of all citizens of the United States of America!!!

by Chris on September 21, 2020

It’s very sad to hear when a police officer it’s killed. The black lives matter is nothing but a racist terrorist group that needs to be stopped

by Doug B. on September 21, 2020

Must stop thinking law enforcement in WOKE Democrat states (like KY) & cities (like Metro Louisville) are going to keep you safe! Must carry! Must be ready! Don’t be the victim of a BLM or ANTIFA THUG… Instead, be the incapacitator… the FINAL SOLUTION!!!

by Gamaliel Isaac on September 21, 2020

Thanks for getting the message out about what is really going on. A group that pretends to be oppressed to garner support and power oppresses the police. See

by Mike Garrow on September 20, 2020

These events are becoming more frequent, and there is no one stand-alone reason for that fact. Racism? Sure it comes into play, in both directions. Racism has been around for as long as civilization. It didn’t start here, but we have done more in the past 50 years to address it and minimize its negative effects than at any other time in recorded history. Poverty? Yes, again it is indeed a factor. Like racism, it stems from factors deep in human nature. Some feel that wealth creates power, others believe power creates wealth, but by and large it comes down to some people have more of Maslow’s basics, the basic of food, shelter, clothing, and security, while others have less. The founders referred to the unending contest to improve these qualities rather obliquely as “the pursuit of happiness”. The one thing involved here that is not a result of basic human nature is the “media”. The insatiable news cycle which sensationalizes every event which can draw readers or viewers. They don’t care about black people being killed in the streets of Chicago, they don’t care about the Native Americans dying on reservations, they don’t care about the white people dying across the nation from the same things killing all of us: drugs, violence, lack of health care, and all of the sadder parts of life. The “media” are like the crowds yelling “Jump” to someone on a ledge. They enflame the emotions of the masses, they overlook the most common tragedies to concentrate on selling ad space. They arouse the passions of people, many of whom are already troubled, and drive these events. Of course this will create more stories, sell more ads, and enrage more people. It’s an unending cycle, and the only ones coming out ahead is the “media”. I don’t know how to fix it, I’m not the smart. I can tell you, however, that the place to start is to stop blaming the scapegoat. Yes, racism, poverty, sexism, ethnicity, religion, and many others pieces of the human psyche may be at play, but it is the “media” which is driving these events by skewing our views.

by Abdul Majid Saleh on September 20, 2020

Joe Bloggs is a troll. Clearly he is a very unhappy person and needs to cause emotional pain in others to validate himself.

by Barbara Hagerty on September 20, 2020

Only a stupid uneducated ass….would do such a dastardly thing . Doesn’t he know WHITE LIVES MATTER too? I am so damn sick and tired of this black lives matter bullshit I could just throw up. I have black friends who are great people, not animals like these punks. They work for a living, educate their children and live like honorable Americans. These gang bangers are a disgrace to their race. Hell is too good for them.

by Sue Johnson on September 20, 2020

Joe Blogs you are a piece of sh*t. The people he shot were regular innocent civilians. Not Cops. He destroyed these peoples lives and their family’s lives. Karma would be someone kicking your teeth down your throat for spewing such hatred from your disgusting mouth. You’re pathetic.

by Charles Warren on September 20, 2020

Not every cops is a murder.

Not every cop is looking to kill people of color.

Not everyone who wears a tee shirt and calls for just, is a social activist.

Not everyone who shows up for a march, is in tune with the idea of peaceful protests.

And not every sick ass who intentionally shots and kill cops are a member of BLM’s.

Beware of anyone who pushes, these us or them narratives.

Both things are and can be true.

by Janie Goodman on September 20, 2020

I believe black people matter, I don’t support BLM because the only black people they care about are the ones killed by cops so they can push their “get rid of police BS”! Otherwise they would mention the little kids being murdered everyday in Chicago and other cities. BLM are Communist Marxist! And that’s straight out of one of the horses mouths!

by Trifecta on September 20, 2020

Get a rope…

by Daniel Cortez on September 20, 2020

Why was he allow to walk out of the bar? He should been carried out with a sheet over his head.

by John Willey on September 20, 2020

Turn the police loose Let them defend themselves and the rest of the law biding citizens

by Gary on September 20, 2020

what is his affiliation with BLM?

by Gary on September 20, 2020

what is his affiliation with BLM?

by Randy love on September 20, 2020

I’m a retired police, I am also a black man. I don’t believe all cops are bad. I do believe some don’t need to do this job. You have to care about all people. Now let’s talk about the shit birds who thinks hurting any cops just to get back at law enforcement. Well let me tell you, your going to cause more problems for the bad guys…….

by james walton on September 20, 2020

Joe Bloggs, Obviously, you are one of the failures of society who did not utilize their opportunity of free education, which leads to do not commit a crime, listen to police instruction, you will not get shot. Run, turn around and point a gun at a cop, ues, your worthless ass will get blown away. Deservingly so. Quit being a victim.

by Brian on September 20, 2020

Joe bloggs, GFY you douche bag

by Joe bloggs on September 20, 2020

Called karma
Many pigs when no video cameras littrely got away with myrder
Oops what goes around comes around. Long time waiting.

by David Molloy on September 20, 2020

That POS never should have made it out of the bar alive. #IGotYour6

by Sonya Moses on September 20, 2020

While yes, I believe in the movement of Black lives Matter, I most definitely do NOT believe in people taking it in as an excuse to be able to kill at will.
What ?I DO NOT LIKE from here is our court system & the time it takes to get a case heard. Even when heard too often any longer….slaps on their wrists are given. Crooked attorneys are allowed to keep practicing! Those attorneys just need to go! If discovered that an individual actually committed a crime & had been acquitted it is MORE THAN LIKELY that they had confessed to their attorneys as a way of just being able to brag to someone who has their back.
Crookedsystem that we seem to have.

by Ricky Hamby on September 20, 2020

he should get the death penalty an quickly therd is i witnesses or better yetet the family s have him for 30 minutes