Big Bear Lake Defies Newsom And Opens For The Holiday

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 23, 2020

The city of Big Bear Lake has announced that they will not enforce Governor Newsom’s unconstitutional stay at home orders as Memorial Day Weekend gets underway.

Big Bear Lake is a popular vacation destination in Southern California. The city has seen only six coronavirus cases and an additional three cases in nearby areas.

As Memorial Day Weekend begins they city has decided not to enforce the state’s stay at home order. The city is encouraging social distancing, face masks, and good hygiene.

Any complaints about violations of the stay at home order will be referred to the governor’s office and the state health department.

“As a result of the Governor’s restrictions, the vast majority of local businesses have essentially been closed for the past 10 weeks, resulting in significant and continuing economic and social harm in our community. Tourism-dependent businesses have been especially harmed.”
– City Statement

Big Bear Lake is located in San Bernardino county. While some counties have been allowed some variances on the stay at home order, Big Bear Lake did not expect to see that happen within their county.

“Businesses and residents should take responsibility for their own actions, should thoughtfully consider the Governor’s orders and the risks associated with their specific circumstances,” 

– City Statement

While the city of Big Bear will not be enforcing the stay at home order that doesn’t mean that other government agencies would do so. The city warned businesses that they could potentially lose their license.


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